Wool Dyer Balls

Natura Pure

Have you ever heard of wool dryer balls? They are a healthy and chemical free way too dry your laundry. All the products are 100% Wool. They are all natural, chemical free and made with Canadian products. They even reduce your drying time by 30-50% and static. 

  • All dryer balls come in packs of three and are packaged in a muslin bag. Each ball is approximately 4" in diameter.
  • Place all three balls in the dryer with your clothing and let the balls do the work (they will pill but that's perfectly normal).
  • Store balls in dryer or the muslin bag (please do not store in plastic bags).
  • Good for approximately 100 cycles.
  • For best results use with natural fabrics.  Synthetic fabrics will interfere with static reduction.

Comes in sets of 3.

Light Grey
Dark Grey