Wild Rose Facial Toner is perfect for sensitive or combination skin. This face toner helps to cleanse deep into your pores, remove impurities and refresh the skin leaving you with a glowing complexion. Made by steeping organic rose petals in witch hazel for a number of weeks, then enriched with aloe vera gel to keep your skin well hydrated. 
Face toner is a key part of an effective skin care regime, and can be used in your cleansing routine or as a pick-me-up after the gym. simply mist onto face and remove with a cotton pad or damp cloth. follow up with your favourite moisturiser or facial oil.  

Roses not only smell amazing but are anti-bacterial, moisturising, anti-inflammatory and are full of antioxidants. when used topically roses can reduce redness, assist in the healing process of blemishes and protect your skin from the sun. 


All face toners come in a misting bottle for easy application. If you have any allergy concerns do not hesitate to contact seller, we want to ensure that every purchase you make from Wild Prairie Botanicals suits your needs perfectly!

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