Tranquil Bath Salts

Pure, theraputic bath salts made by Suntree Soaps in Okotoks, AB.  This all-natural bath salt mixture will help you relax and unwind while you breathe in the aromatherapy benefits of lavender essential oil. 

Made with a blend of Dead Sea salts which contain 21 beneficial minerals, epsom salts which are high in magnesium and botanicals of lavender & calendula. Their combined benefits are known to help with muscular aches & pains, improve circulation, soothe dry skin, detoxify and soften skin. Natural vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant has also been added to further aid in moisturizing rough dry skin. Vegan

Tip: Soak in these wonderful salts for at least 20 minutes. Drink plenty of fresh water to stay hydrated.

16oz - Packaged in glass bottles, please recycle.