Layla + Liam Moccasins Cream

Harmony Grace Designs

Layla + Liam booties are durable, natural, and incredibly cute on your Little's feet! Our soft sole shoes are designed to last; each piece of leather is locally sourced, then it is hand cut, stamped and punched for a perfect fitting sole. We cut both the outer sole and the inner sole, (that's 2 soles!) by hand using extremely sharp leather shears; don't try this at home! We use the highest quality natural fibres and crochet the fibre directly to the leather sole. Each bootie is then hand crocheted and shaped as it is made by me, Wendi. Once the boot is complete the finishing touches are added; buttons, tags, and eco-conscious packaging, 'cause we like to keep this earth as gorgeous as possible!

At HGD we take handcrafted to a whole new level; we believe in quality, in buying once and using our products for all the Little's in your family. We believe that quality is worth investing in and that is why we choose natural, local, and ethical products when sourcing our raw materials. We believe in transparency; in being completely honest about how our products are made and what we put into them. We believe in every piece lasting for many seasons and in being used by many pairs of sweet little feet. 

Made from:
All natural fibres
All natural non slip, hand cut leather outer sole
All natural hand cut leather insole
All natural buttons, please note your button choice in the Note to Seller section