Heart Necklace DIY Cross Stitch Kit

Stitch Plus Stitch

Create your own hand stitched bamboo wood and antique bronze HEART cross stitch necklace with this quick, fun and easy to complete DIY Kit. Four thread choices (red, pink, purple and turquoise) are included so you can pick the perfect colour.

Make one for yourself or give it to a loved one or friend as a special and truly unique gift.

A pre-cut 30mm (1.18 inches) bamboo wooden blank with laser-cut holes is hand stitched and then set into an antique bronze pendant tray with matching 24 inch vintage chain for the perfect finishing touch.

Perfect for beginners or those with cross stitch experience. All you need is an hour or so, a pair of scissors and a comfortable place to stitch.

Each HEART DIY kit includes:
*One 30mm bamboo round wood blank with pre-cut holes
*HEART Pattern chart
*Easy to follow stitching instructions
*Needle (size 28)
*Needle threader
*Ample cotton embroidery floss (4 colour options as pictured in image #2)
*One adhesive seal to adhere wood blank into pendant tray
*One 30mm antique bronze pendant tray
*24" antique bronze vintage chain

Each wood blank is designed by me, made in small batches at a laser cutting studio and then assembled into a complete DIY kit in my home in Calgary Canada.

Please note: bamboo is a natural material, so you should expect some variation in the grain. Consider it part of the charm your unique handmade creation.