Distressing Wax Puck

Miss Mustard Seed Wax Puck is used to create beautiful layered looks with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. This 100% natural beeswax puck easily fits in the palm of your hand and is custom-made for this purpose.

How to use this product:  To achieve a distressed layered look, apply one coat of milk paint and allow it to dry. Rub the Wax Puck over the edges, corners and “high points” of the piece.Anywhere the wax is applied will resist the paint, so make sure it is applied randomly and in places where paint would naturally wear over time.

Apply a second coat of milk paint and allow it to dry completely.  Distress surface with fine grit sand paper or damp cotton cloth to easily remove the paint where wax was applied. revealing first coat underneath.

Finish with Furniture Wax, Hemp Oil, White Wax or Antiquing Wax.