Brick Crochet Fox


This cute little amigurumi pincushion fox is ready to help with all your crafting projects!

This pincushion sits 3 inches high and 3.5 inches wide, or, in real life terms, smaller than an apple, and larger than an egg. He is crocheted from cotton yarn in red with white yarn for his belly, the tip of his tail, and inside his ears, and is stuffed with polyfil acrylic stuffing. He has a metal washer sewn into his bottom so he can always stand up, and his eyes are plastic safety eyes. All appendages are sewn on securely, but he is not meant to be played with roughly or given to the dog to chew on.

This is the perfect gift to give to someone who loves cute handmade things. Minibytes pin cushions can also be used as desk buddies, computer screen cleaners, stress balls, voodoo dolls, or for when you just need something cute to squeeze!

Minibytes are made of cotton yarn, which means that they can be hand washed and left out to air dry. Please don't put them in the dryer or else they will become very dizzy.