Breakfast Kids Mismatched Socks

Friday Sock Co.

Friday Kid Socks come three to a pair! That’s right folks. Three super fun mismatched matching socks! So... if you lose one, no sweat. If you grow another foot, you’re in luck. Three socks equals one pair of awesomeness. 

Available in sizes S, M, and Large. 

Small fits approximate ages 2 - 4. Shoe Size 5 - 9 

Medium fits approximate ages 5 - 7. Shoe Size 10 - 2 

Large fits approximate ages 8 - 12. Shoe Size 3 - 6 

85% Egyptian Combed Cotton 
12% Nylon 
3% Spandex

Designed in Canada 
Made in ITALY 
Produced using OKEO-TEX®* certified Egyptian Combed Cotton
Yarn blend extending throughout the top cuff for extra durability and comfort 
Reinforced Heel & Toe