Awakening Artful Colouring Book

Crystal Salamon Art & Design

Best-selling Canadian book hand drawn by local Canadian artist, Crystal Salamon. Over 5,000 books sold worldwide!

- +37 Original Hand-Drawn Designs
- Single-Sided Pages
- Sized to frame at 8x10"
- SIGNED by the artist


- Printed in Canada on fabulous white recycled paper!
- Includes one book (no supplies)

Immerse yourself in this high quality collection of hand drawn original images infused with the heart and soul of wildly creative Canadian artist, Crystal Salamon.

Explore the diverse designs - abstract doodles, intricate animals, mysterious mandalas and fanciful faces inspired by Indian henna, tattoo art and my wildly creative imagination. The broad range of styles and subjects ensures you're inspired as you explore the world of grow-up coloring.

Perfect for new and experienced colourists of all ages.

Sign your artwork! Each page provides a line for your signature as the "Colourist".