A Cat's World Colouring Book

Hop & Flop

This book is filled with a cabinet of whimsical illustrations of the feline companion. Cats here, cats there, cats everywhere!

It's a collaboration with Shiori Saito, a local Calgary illustrator, that we put together a collection of 20 illustrations, some that take individual pages and others a full book spread. The images you see is a small selection of the quirky, fun drawings perfect for the child at heart.

That's right, kids or adults alike will enjoy this book and it's important to cherish the time spent colouring in the pages, so this book has perforations. Tear your finished masterpiece out and gift it to a friend or frame it in your room. The possibilities are endless.

The details:
• Digitally printed with a local printer
• Size: 8.5" w x 10" h
• Perforation: Each page when removed from the book is sized to 8" w x 10" h
• Inside pages are double sided printed
• Staple binding