Salty Sea Dog Designs

Inspired ~ Creative ~ Pottery

Pottery that makes you laugh

Blair and Sarah Dawes passion is art, the sea, their dog and each other. After graduating from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2005 their ideas about art and each other have taken them on a crazy journey. Their business is the beginning of what they want their company to be. Their focus is on fun and creative art work as well as custom designs.

They are currently based out of Calgary Alberta with dreams of moving the whole ship, so to speak, to the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island. They are easygoing, free spirited and a little crazy. They want all of their work to reflect this attitude.

Their inspiration and creative ideas come from many sources and their work changes accordingly. One thing that will never change is their work will always come from their hearts. It's a little piece of them that they hope makes you laugh, smile and enjoy.

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