RC Artwork

Beautiful ~ One of a kind ~ Created in Turner Valley

Living in the beautiful Diamond Valley area of Alberta has provided daily inspiration for Roger's artwork for many years.

Using the soft effect of chalk pastel on his reclaimed wood boards allows Roger to create landscapes, animal portraits and simple still life images with depth and character. He lets the natural wood grain, knots and other imperfections guide him as to what to draw, adding layers of detail with the pastel. This results in rustic natural artwork that people fall in love with!

Roger and his daughter, Kendra, have also worked together on wood round ornaments, using chalk pastel and acrylic paint to create unique decor with that rustic touch.

Spending his retirement days in Turner Valley AB surrounded by his family and his puppies, you can usually find Roger with sawdust on his clothes, chalk pastel on his fingers and a smile on his face.

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