Luxury ~ Easy ~ Handsfree towels

Luxury for littles, ONE bath at a Time Motherhood is a journey

As a first time mom Sue-Rose, like most, spent a number of weeks struggling through the usual bath towel battle: chin, teeth, floors… anyone? Those munchkins are terrifying when dry let alone slippery and wet so why does taking our little bundles of joy out of the bath have to feel like a like a high-risk maneuver? Or even a tidal wave in our very own bathroom soaking everything in its path?

Eventually, in the throes of one of these chaotic mom moments, Oneberrie™ & their first product Bare.Bundle™ was born… Keeping their roots local, Oneberrie™ is proudly based in the Canadian Rockies and the beautiful lake-town of Invermere, British Columbia. ‎

Their mission is to provide FUNCTIONAL, STYLISH, VERSATILE & SIMPLE solutions to us parents and our bundles.