Oakson Authentic

Handmade ~ Authentic

Ian had this name in his head. Oakson. That was to be his first born sons name if or when he had a son. A boy he could bring into the world to become both his child and best friend. To show that the world is both good and evil and that that was the reason it was so beautiful. Imperfect. Messy. Perfect.

Ian wanted to create a business without boundaries. No limit to what it may become. And when he reached a ripe age, he can give it all to him as a way to say "I know there may not be a mold that exists that suits you, but here is an opportunity to take what I have started and create that mold for yourself." It is all for him.

Ian started with the logo knowing that he had no idea where it would take him next. After a night spent with a friend and long talks about interests and hobbies he decided that night to try his hand at leathercraft. The next morning while meeting his father for coffee he throws a catalogue down on the table in front of Ian to a leather company and says "I think you should seriously consider trying this". They had never discussed leather previously. So this would be his starting point. Where it was all to begin. And where Ian would commence his journey forward as the new him, with his new life, and as the passionate student to Oakson Authentic.