Modern Speak

Canadian ~ Letterboards

As a young couple with a toddler, they love to be silly. What’s life without a little fun after all? Same goes for business. When dealing in boards, they aim to be anything but boring. They are Kristyn Snell and Maciej Kudrycki, a Calgary-based husband and wife duo that started MODERNSPEAK, a letterboard company in early 2017. Inspired by parent's using letterboards to track their kids milestones, they set out to buy one for their family. After weeks of searching, they realized there was no Alberta-based company creating and selling letterboards, so they decided to start one. They were seeing letterboards used as a modern way of speaking with funny quotes, truthful comments and more to friends, family, followers on Instagram and even as a learning tool for children in schools, so the name MODERNSPEAK was born.

They are inspired by the maker and small business community in Alberta everyday and are so grateful to be involved in such a loving and supportive space.