Brynn Tyler Designs

Hello there!

We are Jennifer and Sam, a mother daughter team of makers. We have been making hand gilded wineglasses in Calgary, AB since 2014.

"We are having such a blast creating and
working and building this little business together."

The question I get most often is... "Why Brynn Tyler Designs?" Well... this is why… my husband and I were pregnant and lost identical twin girls at 8 months pregnant in 1999. Their names were Brynn Catherine and Tyler Sydney. They were our first, we celebrate them every year with balloons on their birthday and angel ornaments on our Christmas tree. Hubs and I have been BLESSED with 2 amazing kids since. Kale Tyler and Samantha Brynn.

So naming this company Brynn Tyler Designs I hope to bring honour and love to all 4 of our amazing kids, although the name has NOTHING
to do with wine, or drinking it. I just really love drinking it seemed to make sense to combine my greatest loves.

It's been a wild ride with great leaps and bounds this year!!

These glasses pass through our hands no less than8 times from start to finish! We do all the layers by hand, right from design to the layers of epoxy topcoat.

They are
a true labour of love!

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