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Hello Branch Tribe!

If you haven't been watching our Instagram stories you might not know about our Diamond Valley Love Day.  On Wednesdays we decided to celebrate our vibrant little town and give back to our amazing community!

If you live in The Diamond Valley we offer a 10% discount on regular in-store purchases every Wednesday!

To spread the love, we wanted to share our personal favourite places to grab a bite around town. 



Starting with Westwood originally known as the local coffee shop, The Stop. Westwood took over the space this year and have quickly made it their own!  It's welcoming, cozy feel makes it the perfect place to take some time away from our busy lives.  Their good folk offering Rosso coffee, amazing food and free wifi.  To add even more to it there huge supporters of local producers! Check out their menu here!

Over the summer Westwood has been putting on a market called The Makers and Growers every Sunday from 10-3.  It'll continue until October 1st, so make sure to pop over on to see what they have to offer!


Country Fresh Kitchens Burger Shack

We recently tried this cute place, and wow have we been missing out!  These burgers, though messy, are so good. It is a must eat place for us, and we will for sure be trying out more of their menu - so nice that they are right down the street from us! 


Marv's Classic Soda Shop

Anyone that comes into Black Diamond must go see Marv's. It's one of a kind in our little town, and puts on events like the Car Show. This unique shop takes on a 50's diner feel. The staff are dressed in 50's attire, the booths remind you of the 50's and they even have a jukebox you can play music from. Not only can you get a meal, but they also offer ice cream, candy, gifts and memorabilia. Check out their website here!


Saigon Moon

Of course we'd add our neighbour!  If you are looking for Vietnamese food, this is the place to go. Saigon Moon is a small business with a big impact, they have a large menu so you'll find something for everyone.  Wether you are doing a sit down or a take out, the food is so good!  Rebecca's usual is #53 with peanuts and cilantro.

Check out their menu here, and give them a call (403) 933-5751 to order.  


Black Diamond Hotel

For those over the age of eighteen, the Black Diamond hotel is a great place to grab a bite and something to drink (if you aren't driving). The Old West-inspired hotel offers a range of items and drinks. Keep an eye on what day it is though, as it can get very busy on Wednesday (wing night) and sometimes sell out of their wings! We've never had a problem going around 5pm - 7pm getting our wings, however it does fill up quickly! You may be wondering where the hotel part of the bar comes in. While upstairs they do offer rooms, if you are wanting to stay there, you can check their website out here

We're wondering whats your fave thing to order at these awesome places that give us energy to keep doing what we do.  If we didn't mention a place that you love to eat in town leave a comment below with your fave spot!

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