March 17, 2018


Hello Branch Tribe,

We love crafting and we wanted to do something fun in the store to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. We saw these adorable 2 inch terra cotta pots and we thought they'd be so cute painted with Milk Paint.  We came up with 3 different styles of pots for a Make & Take craft.
We know not everyone can come in and enjoy crafting with us, so if you missed out we've made this handy little tutorial for you to make your own at home if you'd like.
If you want to lean how we made these adorable plant pots, read on!

St. Patrick's Day Make & Take

Supplies/tools you'll need...

Here's how you make it... 

Grab all the supplies & tools and let's get crafting! 
Once you've picked your Milk Paint colour, mix as directed on package. We used Lucketts GreenTypewriter & Boxwood for out St. Patricks Day theme.
Apply first coat to pot with a natural bristled brush.
Allow 15 minutes for the pot to dry before adding second coat.
If the surface is cool, it's not dry. Milk paint will feel room temperature when fully dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, use a heating gun or hair dryer.
Once completely dry,  paint a second coat. 
After you are finished with the second coat, allow another 15 minutes to dry. If you feel it needs another coat, repeat these steps.
If you are happy with the results, lightly sand with a fine grit sand paper. This will remove any bumps on the surface of the pot. 
Seal with Hemp Oil or leave as is if you like the matte finish. 
If you are looking for a more whitewashed look, dilute paint with more water, we suggest a 3 to 1 ratio.
Fill pots with plants, gold candies or plant  MariGOLD seeds. Or with whatever you feel like adding to it!
Accessorize with twine, yarn, fabric or paper flag! This part is where you can completely customize your pot. Would make the perfect little touch to your home or a fun gift!


Share a photo of yours and tag us ... we'd love to see your plant pot transformation!

Branch Crew


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