March 11, 2018

Hello Branch Tribe,

It's been a little bit since we did our last blog post. The past couple months have been filled with planning, organizing and getting into the rhythm of 2018. 

It's hard to believe January and February are done already, we felt it was tough to get motivated while in "hibernation".   A lot of our energy was spent shovelling all the snow we got and keeping ourselves warm and cozy.

We can barely wait for the green grass, warm sun and chirping birds.  In fact, we've been dreaming about it. 

We're so excited for days when we can have the door open and let the fresh, clean air in the store.  We love all the seasons and the inspirations and beauty that comes with them, however this winter has been a little harder than most. Even Katie, our Autumn lover is blissfully awaiting spring.   

Spring is Rebecca's favourite time of year.  She loves how rejuvenating and awakening it is and that its full of so much energy and motivation

We're feeling a burst of excitement to get ourselves going.  To start planning more events and projects, and to get back into things we let fall to the side.  We've been working at changing up our space to get ourselves ready for the new season.

Are you anticipating spring as much as we are?  Would you like to get a kick start and feel motivated?  We've come up with 5 tips that have helped us get going!


1. Change Up Your Environment 

During the winter months we focus on creating a cozy environment that keeps us visually interested while we bunker down indoors. However, during spring those "cozy vibes" naturally switch to fresh and airy ones.

We love changing things up and redecorating. We believe you don't need to go buy all new things every season, sometimes it can be as simple as decluttering your dresser, adding fresh flowers or changing the colour of your furniture.

We like to remove everything off the surface we're redecorating and give it a good clean, that way its ready for a fresh start.  We love using doTerra essential oils for all our cleaning.  Then we place bigger pieces such as crates or books to create varying heights. Then we add smaller decor items into the mix, groups of 3, 5 and 7 work great and are visually appealing.

It helps to pick a colour scheme you like so that you can reference if needed.  We're especially drawn to greens, pinks and blues this year.   

Give yourself time to play around with colours, textures and heights until you feel happy with it.  And remember to enjoy the process, putting on some cheery music helps us. 

2. Set Daily Tasks

We love being creative here at Branch, however sometimes its tough to get the ball rolling.  

We like to set tasks and write them down so we can keep ourselves on track.  If you get overwhelmed with long lists of tasks, only set 3 a day to set yourself up for success. Break down bigger projects or tasks into smaller sections so they aren't so overwhelming. 

Starting a project can be the hardest part.  We tell ourselves to Just Start and if in 10 minutes we're not feeling into it we move on to something else.  Usually it becomes fun once we get into the groove of it.

3. Bring Plants In

We love the outdoors here at Branch. During the winter it can be hard to keep our energy level up when you thrive off of nature. Not seeing leaves, flowers and green grass for 3 to 6 months can be tough.

We're big fans of house plants to keep our nature needs met.  They are a great way to help reduce stress, clean the air and keep us feeling peaceful.

If you don't think you can take care of a plant that well, look into plants that don't need a lot of maintenance or treat yourself to fresh flowers or greenery.  We love picking wild flower bouquets to sprinkle around.


4. Add Colour & Texture

Snow can be so beautiful, however after the fourth month of white it can become uninspiring.  We love to beat the winter blues by adding some colour to our spaces!

You can do this a multitude of ways. Adding colourful flowers and plants, see Tip 3.  Other options are changing out pillow covers, towels, art prints and bedding.  These are great ways to add your fave colours and textures to your space. The pops of colour brighten the room and help make you feel happier and more creative.  Pick a colour palette you see online or in nature you love as a guide.

We like to use neutral colours for walls and larger pieces of furniture as a base to build off of.  This will allow the colours and textures to really pop. If we use a very busy texture, we love to pair it with a solid colour to create balance. 

5. Fresh Air

We know that it's still chilly out there, however even a couple of minutes of fresh air can really help lift your mood. We love opening the door at the store when we can to allow some clean air into the store.

It cleanses the space while giving us a kick of energy and inspiration. Even if you open a window for five minutes it can really help. We like to do it first thing in the morning to wake us up and get excited for the day.

Do you have any tips for getting excited and motivated during this seasonal transition? Leave a comment with your tip, we'd love know what you do!

Branch Crew


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