July 27, 2018

Hello Branch Tribe,

For those of you who've been reading since last fall you would have seen our Local Places to Shop blog post. We've been happily watching our community change and grow, so we decided to share these "gems" with you again. Come visit us in beautiful Black Diamond to wander our little town!

This blog will highlight some of the amazing shops in Black Diamond, there's so many cool places to explore in this beautiful place! Keep an eye out for our next post where we'll share some great places to eat.

Tell us; what are your favourite places to shop in the Diamond Valley area?

Photos by Katie Campbell.

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An array of clothing, jewelry and accessories to add a little bling to your wardrobe. Lots to choose from! Here's a what a few people are saying about this little gem...

"Bali Bling has always been my go to place for dresses and tunics. Bling for any time of the year, summer dresses for beach dedtinations, beautiful silver jewellery and stunning rings all at affordable prices and imported from Bali. Lots of accessories, and cool Bali art decor."

"Amazing assortment of gifts and garments. It's a gem. Amazingly organized and displayed but still has the feel of a "Bali Market". Come for a 'day away' and bring a friend so you can take your time exploring the amazing assortment of unique and wonderful things. There's more than the eye can behold and you'll get really good service."

Beautiful people offering vintage clothing, apothecary and massage therapy all under one roof. Bertie's is more than just a store. It's a destination. Lots of rave reviews about this hip space...

"Finally had a chance to pop in yesterday (a little reward after the accountant visit!) and what a great spot! Fabulous finds, great vibe, ran into some friends we hadn't seen for ages and could have stayed and chatted with Isis all afternoon. Scored a great pair of mugs (because you can never have enough cool mugs) and will definitely be back. What a wonderful space."

"I love this store! So much to check out, Banjolenas closet is full of awesome finds for everyone in the family, the atmosphere is so cozy you just want to grab a book off the shelf and sit on the couch. There is five cent candy and the prices are pretty decent!"

Amazing, unique teak pieces of furniture & art. All fair trade and environmentally sound from Indonesia. A shopping desitination people are in love with!

"Unique delicately carved teak wood furniture, animal and bird carvings affordably priced. Light fixtures, mirrors, kites and walking sticks. Amazing store for home decor."

"Mystical and unique pieces. The carpets shimmer with Middle Eastern magic. Every piece has a story behind it. The Black Diamond Gallery space is amazing!"

"Very informative and friendly staff. Everything in the shop is truly incredible, well worth a visit."

An extraordinary collection of fine art & crafts by regional artists. Bluerock Gallery is a beloved attraction for tourists and locals alike. They represent nearly 200 fine artists and craftspeople, mainly from within 100 miles of the Gallery and nearly all products are handmade. It's a favourite of many people that love visiting to browse this beautiful space!

"I love the variety of crafts at Bluerock Gallery, I did a lot of my Christmas shopping there last fall. I bought a blanket for my son which is now happily used in New York City as well as ceramic bakeware, cookbooks, colouring books, salad bowls, etc....all unique and appreciated items. My only regret is I paused too long before a couple took down the 2 little paintings I had my eye on, darn it all! Love this place!!"

"Bluerock is like medicine for my soul. I spend hours at a time wandering through the textiles, ceramics, paintings, sculptures, cards, jewelry in a state of awe and bliss. I never leave empty handed and the customer service is bar none. I have had the pleasure of joining some talks, artist demos and the Thursday night art night - such wonderful offerings! This place is a sanctuary for creative expression and I am deeply grateful it exists!"

An eclectic shopping adventure full of funky clothing, accessories, jewelry, bath & body, spiritual and so much more! This amazing place is a Black Diamond staple with loads of loyal customers that keep coming back. It has such a cool vibe with it's cozy + creative store front and displays.

"Love this store, have great skin care products and they're very well priced. The ladies there are super nice and helpful. The journals are also beautiful and I absolutely love them."

"Love Bohemia. Clothes, jewelry, special creams and sprays, essential oils, bags and beautiful scarves etc. Great place to shop."

"Been going to this place for years now. Their products are great quality and decently priced. Highly recommend the nice drive to this little gem of a boutique :-)"

Black Diamonds popular candy store is the place to go to indulge your sweet tooth! Cotton's Candy is the perfect place to pick up some treats for your birthdays, parties or anniversaries. Treat your guests to something sweet from the bulk confections. Keep an eye out for in-store made chocolate and candy by the owner himself. People sure are happy to have this shop in town!

"Good candy at good prices. Best selection of candy in town."

"Great place, a nice selection of candy. The owner makes some of the hard candies himself too, which are really good. He has samples on hand to try before you buy. Plus there's kettle corn. All in all, a great store to get your candy fix."

Diamond in the Rough sits in the heart of downtown Black Diamond. It's an adorable shopping experience like no other! Lots of unique home furnishings and a beautiful array of gifts. Many of the pieces have been upcycled and hand painted, lovely to browse all the creativity!

"5 star reviews all around!"

The Little Black Dress is a women's & children's consignment shop. It's a pretty place to find formal and casual attire & accessories for all ages. This hard working mother & daughter team are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful selection at great prices. People love browsing this space and searching for the perfect piece to help them feel fabulous!

Vale's Greenhouse is a stunning place to visit; it's beautifully landscaped with plants, flowers and garden decor in every nook & cranny. They offer quality plants, courses and information about gardening in the Chinook Zone. Check out there Facebook page to watch there videos on gardneing tips! Have some extra gardening books or books with gardening themes? Take them down to Vale's and add them to there Free Little Library for others to enjoy and grab a new one for yourself.

"First visit here and was definitely surprised. Great gem of a greenhouse! Staff, especially Patty, were exceptional. Very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. A wide selection of plants, vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs. Great selection of yard ornaments as well. Will probably be making numerous visits here over the summer."

"Always wonderful plants and lots of selection. Would recommend the planter course to newbies and seasoned vets. New information every time."

We hope you enjoyed the tour of some of the "gems" of Black Diamond, there's lots more so tour around! Keep an eye out for our next post where we'll share some great places to eat in town.

We'd love to know what your favourite places to shop in the Diamond Valley area are... let us know in the comments!

Photos by Katie Campbell.

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