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Hello Branch Tribe,

It's officially spring! Which means we can finally start working outside on our crafting & painting projects, once all this snow melts. We love updating furniture and home decor with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint products and we've been waiting "patiently" to head to the great outdoors with them. 

Did you know Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint works great for exterior projects?

This paint has been used for thousands of years, both interior and exterior and has lasted through the test of time. We've used it on countless different surfaces and it's our favourite paint to use by far, both inside and out!

In this blog post we'll go over how Milk Paint was used on an outdoor project that Rebecca, the owner of Branch, did at her home last summer. 

Rebecca had a new bike shed built by West 486 Construction and she new right away that she wanted to paint it with Milk Paint.  It's an all natural and biodegradable product, which is one of the reasons why we love using it outside so much. We're all about caring for our environment and mother earth in any way we can.  

Milk Paint creates a beautiful finish, regardless if you want a modern or rustic feel.

Another reason to use Milk Paint outside is it stands up to harsh weather conditions well and ages nicely over time.  It's very easy to freshen up with a new coat over the years.  You can use it to create a solid finish or to achieve a stain or whitewash effect.

The first step was to pick the colours for the body and trim of the shed.  There are 25 gorgeous colours to choose from, so Rebecca pinned up a pamphlet with all the colours on the front of the shed for a few days in order to make her choice.  

After lots of contemplation she decided to go with Layla's Mint, a lovely light green, to blend in with nature and Farmhouse White for crisp, clean trim.

She decided to prime the shed with an outdoor latex primer to make sure the wood was sealed and so the milk paint would stick for a long time. However, this step isn't necessary as Milk Paint absorbs nicely into raw wood. 

If you're painting over metal, glass or a pre-painted surface, make sure to prime or add the Bonding Agent to your paint mixture to insure it adheres to the surface.

Mix your colours of choice using a 1:1 ratio of water to powder for a solid, opaque finish.  If you want to create a stain or white wash effect add more water and test out a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio.

The colour isn't as saturated when wet and after the first coat, a second layer and the final sealing will richen and deepen the colour. If you're not happy with the colour after the second layer, go for a third coat. Just remember to wait 15 minutes between coats.

Once the surface is completely dry and you're loving how it looks you can move onto sealing it. 

Do not apply Milk Paint or sealer in extreme heat or direct sunlight.

When working on an exterior surface or project we recommend using Hemp Oil to seal it.  Use a natural bristle brush or a cotton cloth to apply the oil.  

Buff the surface after a few minutes with a cotton cloth in circular motions to help the surface absorb the oil and remove any access.  You may want to apply a second coat of oil if it's a surface that will get a lot of sun or use. 

The oil will seal and protect the wood and you can reapply it over time to keep the surface looking new and fresh.  It's like putting lotion on your skin, we especially need lots of that here in Alberta.

Milk paint goes a long way. It took 2 coats to cover the primer and only one bag of each colour for the whole project. The colours looked amazing and Rebecca was thrilled with how it created a natural and airy look. 

The Milk Paint finish created a beautiful backdrop for some fun decorations! Rebecca added a pretty tassel banner, lanterns, flower boxes, pillows and a blanket to add the perfect final touches.  

We hope you enjoyed Rebecca's bike shed transformation and are inspired to tackle your own project this spring.  
Share a photo of your outdoor Milk Paint project and tag us... we'd love to see!

If you haven't used Milk Paint before, we have a couple different blog posts you can reference. 

What is Milk Paint? or our St. Patrick's Day Make & Take tutorial. If you still have questions, you're always welcome to come in the store or contact us with your questions.  We're here to help!

Branch Crew


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