October 05, 2018 1 Comment

Hello Branch Tribe,

Happy October! Anyone else scramble to finish up some projects before the white stuff came?? We sure have been!

We'd like to share a project we worked on this summer to help make Black Diamond shine for you!

We noticed for awhile that the visitor information sign in town needed some love. So, we proposed to Town Hall that we'd like to volunteer to give it a makeover. They were thrilled about the idea and so were we!

We knew we wanted to paint it with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint and picked colours that would tie into the town logo. We decided to go with Boxwood for the larger parts of the sign, Typewriter for the trim and Trophy for the accents.

Here's what we've done so far...

There she is with her old stain flaking away and dull dried out wood. We saw so much potential and wanted to create something that everyone can enjoy!

This is the perfect project for milk paint as it will protect the wood and make it last a lot longer.

We were excited and eager to get going on the project!

We started by sanding and brushing the entire surface to remove any flaking stain and to open the pores of the wood to accept the milk paint.

It was a great work out!

Then we mixed up a big bucket of Boxwood and painted the body of the sign. The wood absorbed the paint quickly, it looked so much better even after the first coat. Love this rich, foresty green!

Next, we painted the trim with a coat of Typewriter and the accents with Trophy. It was all starting to come together.

The Town of Black Diamond installed brand new glass for the posters. Wow, what a difference! It's looking so nice already and will be even better after the second coat of milk paint.

Wa wa waaa. Life in Alberta... we haven't been able to finish the project this year between all the intense heat, smoke, rain and now snow. Everyday we planned to work on the sign the weather had a different idea in mind.

So, we're hanging up our brushes on this project for now and will continue on next spring. We had a lot of fun so far and are looking forward to sharing the finished make over with you!

Hope you were able to finish your outdoor projects, and if you're like us and didn't get a chance, join us in the spring to continue on.

Let us know if you have any questions about your projects or milk paint. We're here to help!

The Branch Crew


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